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Opening of TDP Process


The Baltimore City Transit Development Plan (TDP) is a planning process that will develop a five-year transit investment strategy for the Charm City Circulator (CCC) bus and Harbor Connector ferry service. The Plan will identify opportunities where the Charm City Circulator and Harbor Connector services can improve transportation routes and equity within the Charm City Circulator and Harbor Connector service capacity.

Why Interesting to the public and what it will accomplish

Mayor Brandon Scott issued a February 2021 Transition Report that outlines strategies for Building an Inclusive, Equitable Economy. The Transition Report outlines five potential actions related to the BCDOT public transportation program. The TDP is intended to address the transportation recommendations as outlined in Mayor Brandon Scott’s Transition Report. The TDP’s final deliverables will include strategies and potential route changes to the existing four Charm City Circulator routes and three Harbor Connector routes including:

  • Recommendations to reconfigure the Circulator Routes
  • Identifying CCC service gaps
  • Service changes needed to reach employment centers
  • Reconfiguration opportunities with institutional shuttle services
  • Refocus Harbor Connector to serve job centers and accelerate tourism
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